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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to upload photos after placing an order?

You can send photos to our email-id or You can send them directly to our WhatsApp number 832409006. Please mention your Order ID and other required details while sending photos.

Can i modify the product after placing an order?

Yes. you can make modifications like size, color, and other customization.Contact us as soon as possible for the same. However, We start working on your product as soon as we receive your order. You are allowed to modify the product only if we did not started crafting which you ordered.

We do not charge extra for minor modifications. In case of modification of certain material, or addition of material we will charge accordingly.

Can i change the product i ordered with another product?

Yes. You can change the product which you have ordered. However, No changes will be made once your order is processed and being crafted.

Can i return a product?

No. FeelBox never accept returns in any case. Because, all orders are processed and personalized as per customer’s instructions.

Can i cancel my order?

Yes. You can cancel your order only if we did not started working on your product. We strive hard to fulfill orders as soon as we receive them. You cannot cancel your order while it is being crafted.

Please contact us within 30 minutes from placing your order.

What if i recieve a damaged product?

We require a video of opening of the package for replacement. No claims are entertained without package opening video (without any pauses).

Contact us as soon as possible in case you receive a damaged product.

When will i get refund? (Refund Policy)

Money will be refunded to you within 7 working days only if all terms and conditions are satisfied.

Why my order was undelivered or returned?

Your order will be returned or undelivered because of following reasons.

Address Issue (Wrong Address, Incomplete Address, Not Serviceable Area, Not working mobile number, or Door Locked)
Recipient unavailable or Door Locked.

You can inquiry at your nearest shipping facility about the product delivery.